"What is Love Anyway?"

They want to take from me what’s inside of me...

They only seek to drain me of the inner most purest parts of me...my love...the pureness of it...

They look for me because what I have makes them forget what they’re missing inside themselves....

Yet, leaving me ever so empty....lost, hurt,broken from their broken promises of love and forever.

Yet I yearn for them.... I yearn for them because I’m so full of this love.... that it over takes my own ability to restrict its outpouring...

Though I never understood the why, of it all... like how easy it's always been to take what I had but never would they ever stop to inquire of what it was that I had that was so magical.

It was like I was a forbidden fruit only eaten in times or pure mischief.

Now, but now.... I lay here in my bed ...empty...

I have nothing left to give but pain, the pain and hurt they left inside me, for wondering why I was never enough to be sought after for more... ...or to be that forbidden fruit that they could never live without.

Poem by:

Speak Kieya

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