The Liar

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Never in a “Million” years would I ever have imagined that a male friend I thought highly of and knew for such a long time would ever not be real....

I thought that it was just time and space that was needed due to yet another failed relationship but in ALL actuality it was a complete lie The Entire Time.

One has to wonder? So, what were all the words in those messages did they have meaning after years of knowing you.... the many deep heartfelt conversations.... what was that?

So it wasn’t a Switch Up..... it was Actually the real Him coming to fruition. The reason why I was in some ways protected from anything more!

Reading and re-reading the many messages and the choice of words used... Yea, I was too rich for ya .... your in a dark place still when you can be as cold and heartless as you have been.

The sad thing about it all is.... to be as old as we are.... I would have expected more out of this human being....

But again.... Karma... no matter how you look at it... will find us all... so what you give out make sure you prepared to get it back whenever it shows up...

P.S... please STOP hiding behind ohhh I’m a God fearing man.... naaaw man... you just messed up and need to get right with yourself before you injure yet another Woman... unless she’s the prey that you always have found to be weak.

Diary “speakkieya” ✍🏽💋

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