Struggle Love

All I can do is smh...

I am totally convinced that in my early 40's I am experiencing a great many of men who just have no idea of what a Real woman is! I am noticing that my type of woman they don't know how to receive genuine care, love and affection with no motive behind it. I am experiencing that most of these men have never really encountered like Real Love, or a woman who is not walking through life bitter and is always in a state of victim further leaving the men she meets in a position to struggle to love her.

What is this? How did it get this bad???? I mean, even if my type of woman has boundaries which she will not cross and or things she is not willing to sacrifice because of her past experiences, then they don't know how to move around that and seek to find a way to her heart by just being there and present.

I just CANNOT and WILL NOT ever again deal with STRUGGLE LOVE!!!! LOVE is so EASY and there's just no reason to make it difficult.

What's difficult is finding ways to stay in love, staying connected, keeping communication open, commitment to one another, compassion and empathy because we all know we all have our isms and non of us are perfect.. That's the hard part, accepting all those things and continuing to fight the fight to stay together!

huhhhh... I digress on tonight

Speak Kieya Slaughter

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