#Shoot Your Shot


Baby Lissen..... at some point in your adult lives, y’all have to Stop living by Other’s opinions and oxymoronic comparisons of what you do.

When dating/marrying someone, we ALL know that most of us ALL have a past and if you have lived in such a City where anyone who is Anybody to be known..... they have probably dated an Ex of yours at some point in life ummmkay👆🏾

So, Stop allowing things and situations outside of your connection and relationship to one be the reason that you pull back because of what others may or will have to say👆🏾

Cuz fa me..... Hunti Lissen... what I will and am bringing to this mans life is worth more than anything He’s Ever had/experienced before Me!

What I as a Woman can and will bring out of this man is something that wasn’t meant for anyone else but Him and this my dear will be the Reason we make it beyond the oxymorons of societal values 💋

So I encourage my men and woman to shoot your shot👏🏾 you never know👆🏾 it may be the perfect timing and the right person Finally❤️💋








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