She’s Come Undone Talk Series on Speak Kieya Podcast

Coming Spring 2021......

“Speak Kieya She’s Come Undone”

A series of collaborative talks with guests on love, relationships in the black community, religion and everything in between....

As many of you that know me know..... I am Not in Anyone’s Box👆🏾 so Stop trying to Place me in One💋❤️

Everyone has a story to tell👆🏾

Whether we are walking in so-called religion or living life as a spiritual person....

My story has many twists & turns as many of us do and I am not alone...

My experiences in relationships the ups & the downs, the constant challenge with social media’s depiction of woman and how we should look and be....

As well as my heartbreaking experiences while being a servant in ministry.....

All these things, situations and experiences have helped shape the woman I am today and I am openly discussing my views as well as my guests which I can’t wait to hear the male perspective of “Black Love & Relationships” in today’s society.

Stay tuned for updates to these podcasts dates😉

So excited for all who have agreed to join me on these series 🥰











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