Religion vs The Religious

I recently had a chance to hear the recording of well known gospel singer Kirk Franklin and his grown son and with all the memes and comments made;I had to come to Speak Kieya and express my views and opinions on this matter.

It’s always so very interesting to see how quickly those in the church world will immediately condemn, saved individuals as if they are not subject to being human and having “Real Life” situations hit home.

Many of these so-called Bishop’s, Pastors, fellow gospel artists, Lay people etc.. have themselves

had instances and situations that have arose in their lives that has caused them to step outside of their own character at some point.

Furthermore, many of these same leaders have hurt and insulted people who serve them, many have issues at home that the outside world knows nothing of and therefore they get to walk around as if they are all high and mighty gods themselves who have the ability to draw that line in the sand and cast the first stone!

I speak from a place of being someone who as an ordained woman, who served in ministry and had seen and heard just about all the mess imaginable under the covering of a ministry. So this is the lens that I am speaking from.....

For those of you who have not bared any children, let alone raised a Son as I have and as a single parent... You folk! “Please sit your tail down!” For them folk who walk around in ministry with all your skeletons just waiting to burst out them closets...”Have several seats!”

and while your sitting, please go open your Bibles and find where it speaks of “All Men have sinned and Fallen short of the Glory of God!” [Romans 3:23]

Then once y’all have done so, how about you find you some business and or reach out to your brothers in Christ and offer them some Love, Counseling and a mutual ground for this father and son to find space to come together and resolve their issues privately!



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