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Updated: Jun 22, 2020

In life we must understand that not one moment of our lives is ever wasted. Yes we may have failed ourselves, Yes, we may have made some bad decisions but guess what each of them are experiences that you know have learned from good bad or indifferent.

Negative Cycles and baggage we acquire during our life is expected. But, when we begin to retell our story it has to come from a different place then when we were going through it.

We have to desire to change the narrative of how we see ourselves and how we perceive others see us.

Power comes from standing in our own truth and excepting our decisions made and then finding a way to redirect the need to blame others by looking within ourselves and finding the places that took us to each decision and why. Then we can begin the process of correcting and not repeating the same cycles.

Speak Kieya

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