Every Day is a Fresh Start

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

From the desk of “Speak Kieya Slaughter” whew Chile!!

“You can Reset, Restart, ReCreate yourself, your plan your vision as Often as You Need to!”

To have a mindset of a millionaire you have to continue to be teachable, flexible, open to new ways to approach your goals and understand that your failures are learning tools for the next move which makes you even Greater!

No one ever became a Millionaire worrying about what the next man thought of them! Ummmm-kay 😌

I can care less about what you think of me! Or of what I am doing! Or whether You support me or Not!

Why? Because my next meal, my bills, nor my next road Trip doesn’t require your funds, your approval or thought🤷🏾‍♀️

However, I do appreciate, Love and Cherish Wholeheartedly Every Single One of You who have supported Anything that I have Ever Done! I Love You! ❤️

Today my podcast is on the verge of 1000 streams, which I began this Journey May 26, 2020 and I have so much more to pour out and do with not just this podcast but my next version of doing such👌🏾 plus my anticipated book😌

What I know for Certain is.... God has His Hands on Me and for that I can say I Am Blessed beyond Measure🙏🏾

💋 Speak Kieya

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